Viva Italia!

Calvi olijfolie

Heerlijk… al die nieuwe producten in het assortiment.

Neem nou Calvi, een klein Italiaans familiebedrijf uit Imperia aan de Ligurische kust. Prachtige olijfolie, pesto en Taggische olijven…Top!

Geluk moet je delen…en dus: Deze week 10% extra introductiekorting op alle producten van Calvi.

Geniet er van!



  • Hi Chef John,I'm a huge fan of your recipes. Thank you for brgniing all these wonderful ideas to us. When I saw this one, I was so excited, coz both ingredients are my and my husband's favorite. The only question I have is that I don't have a silicon mat, can I use aluminum foil or wax paper instead??

  • Yes!! ...if by "love" you really mean an <a href="" rel="nofollow">inenste</a> urge to slam my fist through the computer screen, snap the mic in half, and tear all the new manuals into confetti and throw it out the window screaming like that guy in the movie Network... then yes, I Love it all!;-)

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